Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend with family & loved ones.

Here are photos of the finished beaded Native American wig. Clothes, shoes & other accessories to follow soon. Please check back for updates. This wig fits the Layla style face, she is 5 1/2" tall when standing. This wig has already been sold. (Doll sold separately)

I've been working on new pieces, if you are interested in ordering a porcelain BJD, please feel free to email.

This wig is removable

I will add photos of clothing and accessories soon.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Meet Layla ~ My first porcelain ball jointed doll (BJD)

Meet Layla, she is now in a private collection along with the first removable wig I've made (Photos below). She measures only 5 1/2" tall when standing. The Layla you see pictured here is a beautiful tan skin tone, with blue, green eyes. My porcelain dolls are china painted.
I've been working on a few other projects recently, but should have a few more baby BJD's with the Layla face finished soon in various skin tones. This face style is extremely limited. There will only be seven others for sale in the future. I have others in progress now. I will post photos soon.
She was so fun to pose, it was difficult to send her off to her new home.

Here you can see Layla holding one of the porcelain cupcakes I will offer for sale later. Most will be sold as charms.

Here is the first completed wig for Layla. The hair in the front has been braided and the floral crown runs along the braids, which meet in the back. This wig has already been sold.

Here is the newest wig being finished now.